February 29, 2008


Its leap year this year and if you think about it, if you were born today or got married today than you wont have another birthday or anniversary for another four years. Anyways yesterday I took my math test and I am happy to say I passed it! I think it was an 83% which is good considering I'm not good at math and I hate it. I also started health today. So far its pretty boring although I have learned some interesting stuff. Oh I almost forgot, my second cousin had surgery this week and she has lots of stitches from her stomach down and shes in a lot of pain.So please pray for her. thanks!

February 24, 2008

Dreading the week

The title says it all. This is going to be a hard week. I have to catch up on my math and world history:( I'm like a week behind on my math because of all the snow days, but I'm only a day behind on my world history. I'm also dreading the week because school is rather boring with only 6 people total. I don't mean to complain but theres nothing to do during breaks. Do you guys have any ideas? If so then please tell me! Going to bed now! Night peoples!

February 16, 2008


I'm really tired:( Ok so yesterday Alex made me do tons of jumping-jacks and so today my legs were sore.but the rest of the day went ok until we went ice skating.It was really cold and the ice was more mush than ice. The good news is that we got 8 dollars off because of it.I also had to help Jill most of the time. More good news is that Audrey paid for all of us to have hot chocolate which was extremely good! Then we came home made supper and then dessert for tomorrow. Now I'm tired and my legs hurt. Anyways I'm going to try to put a few pics of the skating (no promises).

February 13, 2008


I shouldn't be excited but my parents are going to Florida tomorrow for a week. So Alex and I are going to be home alone. Well sort of, Audrey is coming to stay with us just in case we catch the house on fire or something like that;) I'm going to try to post the pics. (of spirit week) tonight before my dad goes to sleep!Later!

..........Ok I got them up!

February 08, 2008

Spitit week

Hi! Its been way more than a week but o well! This next week we are going to have spirit week at school. The first day is kooky kolor klash day! That day we put on mis-matched clothes and do our hair crazy.The next day is monopoly day. I plan to take money from our old monopoly game and putting it on my clothes. The third day is future day. Sense I don't plan on marrying when I grow up my mom had the idea of an old maid. So I'm going to be an old maid! The next day is red day because its valentine's Day. We dress up in red and pink! The last day Is food day! I'm going to be a m&m! My mom has a m&m costume I can wear. I'll try to get pics of all the days and post them here. BYE!