July 16, 2008


What a week!!! So to tell you the truth PNC camp wasn't as fun as youth camp(duh). It was mostly boring but there was some laughable and fun times, of which I will not tell you about! So after what seemed like forever and a day flight from Indianapolis to Huston to Denver, we finlly got home. But I was home only 15 minutes when we had to leave for another camp. I got to see my friend Callie and her brother along with abunch of other people I haven't seen in a year or so. We got there Saterday night and stayed till monday night for a graduation. I got to sleep in my own bed that night! (which was heaven) But the next day we went camping with the graduates' family, so I had to sleep on the hard ground:( The next day most of them went on a 7 mile hike while the rest of us only when about a qurter of the way. (not to brag or anything but I've done the 7 mile hike before! lol) Ignore what I just said. We all left around 5:00 (minus Alex. he wanted to stay another night) When we got home they called and said they were coming down because it was going to rain. So this brings us to right now. I just got back from starbucks for a little family time (minus Alex. he wasn't back yet) because brandon is leaveing tomorrow and it will be a long time before we see him again. Like I said "WOW"!