September 04, 2009

Catching up!

Its been a while so ill try to recap the last year. We did good at convention and we all got ribbons. The sad part is that Jill hurt her ankle :( but she was ok. Alex graduated in the spring. Then we went to youth camp which, as all ways, was fun. Then for a few days I went to the BMC camp to see friends. A week later the Boardmans came to Colorado. We took them out to eat at Casa Bonita. Then a few weeks later I went to my Grandmas in California. It was my first time flying by myself! Before i left we had VBS. My mom did most of the organizing which meant I helped a lot. I was planing on spending a week at some friends house but that didn't work out:( The next exciting thing that happened was band auditions. They were last Monday and basicly they audition you for your chair. I just got the results yesterday. I got last chair in symphonic band. Which is cool cause i always do horrible in auditions. I started at my new school yesterday. I was a back to school day so it was just games and such. This morning i woke up very sore cause i hadn't done so much playing in a long time! lol! Today I we started the real work :( Im now in 11th so I have chemistry, English 3, American History, and geometry. Its going to be a long school year. I had my 16th Birthday the 2nd. This year im going to have a party. Sense its labor day weekend we decided to do it next week so more people would be able to come. And that is what has happened sence the last time I posted any thing. I would write more often but Im not even sure if any one reads my post. So who knows when I'll write next.