February 27, 2010


Long time no write! Not much has happened since the last time. School is going good so far. I'm playing volleyball now and although I've improved I'm still not very good. My geometry is going ok so far. I only failed two PACE's! haha The rest of my work is going pretty good as well.
I've decided that I needed to redo my room this month so next week I;m ganna start to paint. The plan is to paint the wall gray and the Boarder and pain pink. The rest of my room is going to have those two colors in it plus black. It sounds dark I know but I wanted something really differant from what I have now. I will post pics as soon as I finish.
So for the last three years or so I've been slowly but surly writing stories. I started another blog where I'm going to post what I have written so far so if you want to read them fill free.
Nothing else has really happened so thats all for now. :)

September 04, 2009

Catching up!

Its been a while so ill try to recap the last year. We did good at convention and we all got ribbons. The sad part is that Jill hurt her ankle :( but she was ok. Alex graduated in the spring. Then we went to youth camp which, as all ways, was fun. Then for a few days I went to the BMC camp to see friends. A week later the Boardmans came to Colorado. We took them out to eat at Casa Bonita. Then a few weeks later I went to my Grandmas in California. It was my first time flying by myself! Before i left we had VBS. My mom did most of the organizing which meant I helped a lot. I was planing on spending a week at some friends house but that didn't work out:( The next exciting thing that happened was band auditions. They were last Monday and basicly they audition you for your chair. I just got the results yesterday. I got last chair in symphonic band. Which is cool cause i always do horrible in auditions. I started at my new school yesterday. I was a back to school day so it was just games and such. This morning i woke up very sore cause i hadn't done so much playing in a long time! lol! Today I we started the real work :( Im now in 11th so I have chemistry, English 3, American History, and geometry. Its going to be a long school year. I had my 16th Birthday the 2nd. This year im going to have a party. Sense its labor day weekend we decided to do it next week so more people would be able to come. And that is what has happened sence the last time I posted any thing. I would write more often but Im not even sure if any one reads my post. So who knows when I'll write next.

December 15, 2008

Alot has happen since I wrote ..... Ok not really..... School work has gotten really hard it might be the fact that I done understand it. Anyways we finally got around to mine / dads birthday up in the mountains. I posted pictures on facebook. Alex finally got his license so I can sit up front now!! We went to the kearneys for thanksgiving. Brandon came home for christmas and stayed a few weeks. I'm now getting ready for convention. I'm plan on doing checkers, my flute , ping pong, photos, and sewing if I get it done in time. We might not even be able to go this year for lack of adults to take us but were hoping something will work out. I just started study for my permit and I'm really excited! That's all for now.!

September 23, 2008


..... Its been a long time. I started school 3 or so weeks ago and its really hard. I started physical science and algebra 2 of which they both are a pain. We decided that we are going to celebrate my birthday in Oct. because Alex forgot to ask of work when we planned on going up to the mountains. Nothing much else is happening so I guess thats all.

August 22, 2008


VBS went ok. There wasn't as many people as usual so I didn't embarrass myself that much. Next Wednesday school starts. Am I excited? I don't know. I'm taking French this year, which is really cool. Next week is my birthday. Were not going to do anything on my birthday because my moms going to Texas for a few days, but the next week were going to combined mine and my dad's B-day and go to either Copper Mountain or Estess Park for a few days.