February 27, 2010


Long time no write! Not much has happened since the last time. School is going good so far. I'm playing volleyball now and although I've improved I'm still not very good. My geometry is going ok so far. I only failed two PACE's! haha The rest of my work is going pretty good as well.
I've decided that I needed to redo my room this month so next week I;m ganna start to paint. The plan is to paint the wall gray and the Boarder and pain pink. The rest of my room is going to have those two colors in it plus black. It sounds dark I know but I wanted something really differant from what I have now. I will post pics as soon as I finish.
So for the last three years or so I've been slowly but surly writing stories. I started another blog where I'm going to post what I have written so far so if you want to read them fill free.
Nothing else has really happened so thats all for now. :)